Last Summer, I was commissioned by Scenic Labs to contribute to "Gallery Moderna" blu ray art disc. Above is a preview of Chapter 1. Click on the link below to visit Blu Scenes site.

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"Turn your TV into a work of art with BluScenes Gallery Moderna, the first installment in a series of 1080p artwork commissioned to bring colorful and contemporary art to your home theater system. Enjoy the cutting-edge fractal art animations by artist Christopher Ursitti, or relax to the sights and sounds of his work entitled Paintings in Motion. Watch colors and textures evolve with the ambient soundtrack accompanying Brush Strokes and enjoy the bonus chapter featuring Neoplasticist lines and primary colors. Listen to the musical accompaniment in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround or 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, or lower the volume and supply your own music. This disc is sure to be the talk of your next dinner party or gathering."

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Here is a wallpaper version with the set of stills...I didn't think to use the wallpaper format when I posted the last set of stills...DOH!...I'm working on the project description which I will post at the top of this blog very soon. In other new website was launched this week!'s a work in progress (and I have the feeling it will always be in flux) but please take a look!
Next on the agenda is to add a shop where I will offer Spacewalker DVD as well as my prints.
Much to my delight and surprise, Spacewalker has been selling here locally by word of mouth...and the feedback has been great. A big thank you to my first collectors.
I have decided to offer the DVD for $20.00 ($24.00 shipped, in the Continental USA). Next time I'm at the post office, I will get a range for worldwide shipping costs. This project was rendered for NTSC so I can't offer a PAL version yet...but a Blu Ray is on its way! Last summer I began an ambitious HD version that will take a good time to render, but the first cuts are's probably going to take some time before Blu Ray players are more my timing might be good for 2011?...we will see...
Since my shop is not set up yet and I have copies ready to ship, I can offer them for sale via Paypal or personal check.
They make a nice holiday gift for your favorite animation lover, fractal enthusiast or very own Spacewalker!
If you are interested, please contact me through my website email and I will get back to you with details for payment and make shipping arrangements.

Monday, September 21, 2009

DVD cover insert

I finally finished a working DVD insert cover design.
It definitely uses up the black ink but I think the prints look amazing. I bought an Epson Artisan printer just for this project to print the DVD discs and am very impressed with it so far. Next project is to design the internal insert with liner notes....but I don't think I'll be using anymore black backgrounds!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here is a set of animation stills from the DVD.

KIT CHAOS Spacewalker wallpaper

Here is the first in a series of promo wallpapers for the animation DVD. I will be launching my new website soon ( where I'll be offering the DVD for sale. I'm still working on the final designs for the amaray cover insert as well as the liner notes for the inside insert. I keep changing my mind, and the designs, so it's taking longer than I anticipated. But I'm pretty sure this will be the final font choice for the title.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spacewalker DVD project: blogtesting 123

A blog about my new DVD animation project.

a new animation

Running time 01:15:55

I'll be dressing up this new blog soon with project notes and stills...Stay tuned for KIT CHAOS : SPACEWALKER!